Maintenance is the key to reliability we pride ourselves on preventive maintenance. We keep extensive records of the last time your machine was serviced and parts fitted.

This allows us to predict the next time maintenance is due based on time and meter readings.

Even if you do not have a contract we will still advise if a service is due from your previous call out from us.



Our service is second to none


We always engage with your staff to find out exactly what the problems are with the machine.

Machine are always cleaned inside and out


Sometimes it is necessary to vacuum out your machine for best results from toner leaks and spills.


We always check the maintenance lives of parts and decide whether or not to change parts early if a customer is using a machine heavily.



As with all modern technology these days

faults can be caused and cured by Firmware and Software updates.


As part of our maintenance we check if there are updates available and apply if necessary



Our engineers endeavour to carry the common maintenance parts with them.


Stock is also held in the office.


Most of our suppliers can get parts to us within 24 hours .